The University of Alabama

A Parents Guide

Perceptions of fraternity and sorority life differ widely among parents and students entering college. We hope that this page will bring those perceptions together and, in doing so, answer many of the questions typically asked by parents, regardless of their familiarity with the Greek community. We also hope to convey the many opportunities available through fraternity and sorority membership.

Social fraternities and sororities have been an integral part of student life at The University of Alabama for a long time. Fraternities began forming here in 1847 and as women's enrollment increased, the first sorority chapter was started in 1904. As the University population began to diversify, the first national historically black fraternity and sorority formed on campus in 1974. These organizations have made important contributions to University life and today over 7000 students - nearly 28% of the undergraduate student population at the Capstone.

The rich history of The University of Alabama Greek system has been a productive one and a unique part of that tradition continues after graduation. Fraternal bonds contribute actively to the preservation of history and folklore of the Capstone and, ultimately, to the support of the University. In the Tuscaloosa area, the Greek community provides important support to local charity and community service agencies.